New Minimalism in Web Design — Seeing Beauty in Basics

New Minimalism in Web Design — Seeing Beauty in Basics

The term ‘Minimalism’ has evolved over the last half-century to include a vast number of artistic media (painting, architecture, Industrial, sculpture etc.), and were characterised by unitary, geometric forms and industrial materials.Web Design

Emphasising cool anonymity over the hot expressivism of the previous generation of artistic inventory, the Minimalists attempted to avoid metaphorical associations, symbolism and evocations of illusions. Unhappy with modernist emphasis, the Minimalists also attempted to remove the appearance of composition from their work. Partly a reaction to the emotional excess of Abstract Expressionism, it grew into an enormously influential aesthetic force that continues to reverberate. To that end, Minimalists till date have tried to expunge all signs of the artists guiding hand or thought processes ‘all aesthetic decisions’ from the fabrication of the object.

Minimalism, in Context of Web Design

Minimalism, in context of web layouts refers to simple, unadorned designs that embody only the most basic and fundamental needs. Its led, inevitably, to the sense that the meaning of the visual lay not ‘inside’ it, but rather on its surface. Where vast warehouse-like clutterings have become emblems of a web artists success, Minimalist web designers shun interfering with the basic properties of the objects. As a way of deconstruction, below we showcase some designs and interpretations of what minimalist web design truly is….

PINE Studios


The property of being minimal refers to the structure of the layout; but it is the main task of every simple design to keep its functionality and communicate the information it is supposed to present.



The in-your-face, flashy, loud color schemes associated with Web 2.0 and vintage/retro design trends are avoided. Usually, designers pick one vibrant color and use it effectively to communicate the most important information presented on the site.

Minimalist web design relies on subtraction and the preservation of empty space

OffSet Media

Many minimalist designs use a grid-based layout to reflect the structured, right-angled, rigid nature of minimalism


‘A shape, a volume, a color, a surface is something itself. It shouldn’t be concealed as part of a fail different whole.’